Teamwork And Collaboration: Key Components Of Project Execution

The Importance of Teamwork and Collaboration in Project Execution

To achieve a task there should be understanding and mutual trust between members of team. Single person can’t build blocks alone. There should be teamwork to achieve bigger tasks. But If teamwork doesn’t work then what we will do? In that case we can’t afford losses of depletion of energy, productivity or drains at bottom line. In between team members problems should be resolved as soon as possible.

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Solution of above problem statement is collaboration. It will seem impossible if there are gaps and struggles in team. But as the true collaboration is concerned with ownership hence it is possible. Collaboration is concerned with the creation of an ownership culture. As per view of Edward Marshall those are CCL former senior partner, “Each member of team must perform well and every member of team needs to take care of this if we want that our team performs best” (CREATIVELEADERSHIP). As per view of Marshell, who is Author of two books on the collaboration in workplace, “they said that for building a collaborative team, we require a leader who will address the things those are not working, and will make positive energy in team by viewing trust that we have much resources and will insist on behavior of individual team member which will support principles of collaboration. (CREATIVELEADERSHIP) 

Team leader have to sub ordinate his self interests towards good of whole. Team members will deliver their 100% if there is no fear or gaps among all. Hence because of that teams will starts to deliver better creativity, speed, productive energy and with better results.

If leader of team doesn’t support collaboration and respect their values then he is undermining his team and performance of teamwork also suffers. If the team works under very effective governance systems and leader of team commits to culture of collaboration then building block is in the place of strong performance and success.  (CREATIVELEADERSHIP)

Reasons because of those teams often not work. Few reasons because team members often not work together are history of team, Bad relationships of team members, Ineffective organized meetings, Low transparency or very less information sharing among team members..

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Team will not work efficiently as long as these team dynamics exist. Examine the things those were happen in team and then diagnose that what is not working properly. Afterward try to resolve it as much extent you can resolve. Better option is to organize a team meeting at examines that what is happening and afterward with collaboration of team members starting to think that how troubles will be resolved or replaced. (CREATIVELEADERSHIP)

Essential tool for collaboration of teams is trust. It is foundation of collaborative culture of an organization. A lot of reasons those are mentioned above because of that team doesn’t work occurs because of lack of trust. A person starts operating out of fear without trust. Trust is tie that bound people e.g., if we trust anyone, he will do anything for us. Nobody can train the team members to exercise trust within team. It is responsibility of team leader that will change behavior, show integrity and take on hard work of the dealing with the differences. (CREATIVELEADERSHIP) 

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We should lead our team on basis of principles not on politics, personality or structures. According to Marshall’s “Principle of collaboration” are alignment, self accountability, integrity, trust, ownership, mutual respect, and full responsibility”. Conscious choices on those in which team members agrees to deliver their 100% to construct a effective teams are known as operating agreements. These define role and responsibility of individual team member of team which will work with each other to perform a specific operation. As Marshall says, “these are foundation to build respect, mutual trust of team for gaining high performance.” These develop governance process of collaborative team. It is best practice method but takes time for the establishment of team norms. (CREATIVELEADERSHIP)

Most of people think and correlate the learning with formal education that we gain at schools, colleges or university etc. Our elder guide us from our early age that everyone should get good education. It is very much true that the formal education is very important. Good education maximize potential for finding a better and more satisfactory job and earn more and more income, hence to be a successful person in our own chosen career.

We have to think that a person can only do learning in school, colleges etc. Can we make our self perfect person by just doing studies in school, college etc.

No, we can’t make our self perfect by just learning in school. Schooling is just one kind of learning. Number of opportunities are there in our life to enhance knowledge and to develop skills those we required in our throughout life. (SKILLSYOUNEED, 2011) 

To understand the surrounding world we have to improve and enhance our knowledge every day. With lifelong learning we can enhance our knowledge and skills. It also provides opportunities for the improvement of life quality. Lifelong learner is the person who is always motivated for learning and personality development because he wants to the deliberate.

We can acquire knowledge and can develop our skill set at anywhere because learning happens every time and it is unavoidable. Hence lifelong learning is process of maintaining and creating positive attitude for learning. (SKILLSYOUNEED, 2011)

Main reasons because person practice learning throughout life is developments in terms of professional as well personal manners. Both reasons are not distinct because with personal development it also improves employment opportunities and with professional growth personality of person also improves. With lifelong learning we will be stay updated with our surrounding. That will help us a lot in our personal as well as professional life.

Lifelong learning boosts our self esteem and confidence. It makes us to be adaptable to changes whenever it happens. It helps us for achieving satisfied personal life. It improves our thinking by mean of challenging our beliefs and ideas. 

We experience difficulty to continue learning on daily basis. These things happen with approx. everyone. To avoid these things we have to improve our lifelong learning skills. Lifelong learning can be improved by means of improving self review, self evaluation and self management. (SKILLSYOUNEED, 2011) 

For improvement of lifelong learning a person use following tools explained below. Lifelong will be improved if following tools will be implemented. 

It is more critical to be self evaluator than being excellent performer. But for self evaluation we have to put our growth and achievement into words those will impact our future growth. With this activity we can easily evaluate our strength and weakness. Hence it will be easy with lifelong learning to improve areas where our personal as well as professional growths lack. Learning from the effective phrases and from previous examples in the self review phases is the key of success. Few examples for taking effective self reviews are Attitude, Creative & Innovative (CAUDILL, Matt, 2015)

It is alternate to the traditional and hierarchical method of organizing. Key factors those are concerned with self management are-:

We can live happiest life at professional and personal level with self control.Our decision making capability can be improved by self management. Work efficiency will be improved by self management because person starts taking responsibility of work in the better ways. And a person can feel free from the bulk of work by mean of self management hence will be capable to take knowledge from surrounding for improvement of skill set. (MORNINGSTAR)


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