TechReturn: Freelance Software Market Platform


The main purpose of the business project is to understand the freelance used by the IT platform TechReturn. TechReturn will act both as platform and software market. TechReturn will people to develop the skills and ability for fulfilling the demand or can ask the custom software in order to fulfill the demands from next end (Schwartz, 2018). This business idea will increase the employment rate over the Saudi Arabia state. This project is based on for creating job opportunities through online, so that they can income without any physical disturbance. In addition, they need to agree on the requirements to deliver and finish the demand made by the requester. This will create job opportunities and will also increase the productivity for the freelancers (Johnson  & Wilcke, 2015) .

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TechReturn is going to be a simplest and convenient way for a freelance business, allows anyone to work with them in order to increase their income, and can work freely while continuing to their official job by requesting to the TechReturn platform. Moreover, from the list of freelance in the platform one can choose anyone and can start further process including negotiation for a price. This is quite easy, only the clients need to do is, post the job that is required to be done and with this bidding will start from freelancers within minutes (Heise, 2018). Does not matter what the demand is the freelancer will get it done anyhow, starting from mobile app development, web design, virtual products, product manufacturing, graphic design and many more. TechReturn will thus create various opportunities for the IT employees. According to the specialization , the freelancer will get projects from the clients and will efficiently deliver the project within the given deadline. For this they will get paid directly . TechReturn is fully dependent on people who joins and are subscribed with this platform. In future TechReturn can also expand the business by appointing head for each department, so that the work done can be managed smoothly. This will attract the customers and many people will love to work with this platform.

Advertisement will attract new customers and will bring suppliers who will revenue provide revenue towards this platform. The customers will be updated towards these freelancing platforms through advertisement. TechReturn platform will provide maximum opportunities in order to meet the demand in the market. The IT expertise will get a platform on which they will be able to highlight their talent. They will earn according to the work they did. Thus, every IT expert will work efficiently to fulfill the demands of their clients.

Target Market

 The revenue will be generated from the clients, as the clients will pay for the work done. Once the customer makes the payment, then only the work will get started and they will get works done based on the money they have given.

The competitors are the one who are offering same freelancing opportunities in these platforms. Several sites offer the same. To beat their competitors, they need to provide better facility and flexibility towards their clients. As a CEO, several measures can be suggested towards the TechReturn in order to increase the revenue and to attract more customers. These are as follows:

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  1. Flexibility should be maintained
  2. In case of further changes required by the customer should be done by the freelancers        
  3. Clients should get orders within the deadline provided by them
  4. The money transaction should be safe
  5. Should gain trust of their clients

The marketing plan for the TechReturn platform is to discover a way that will meet the goal and will attract the customer. The main profit is that no one is bound to work with the same organization. Whenever he feels like moving to other company in the freelancer, they can easily move. Marketing provided by the freelancer is independent based on work and clients. This marketing plan includes, an area where the clients will be able to rate the works done by the freelancers. The client is also allowed to give the feedback of their work. This will help the freelancer to improve on their works and in future, this will help them in obtaining projects from their clients.

The main aim of the proposed freelancing techreturn is to provide their companies with a wide range of freelance search. This will provide customer with different variety of effective and efficient software’s , so that they can utilize it while working with the freelance. There are many products available in the fields of IT freelancer. This product is different and new, as it will open a variety of job opportunities for viewers and every employee will able to find their specialization-based job.  The IT freelancing will include gaming, chatting, website creation and many more. This provides a huge range of projects according to the skills the person possess (Burke & Cowling, 2015).The main focus for the proposed framework is that, one need to search properly about the details. If an individual is quite confident and competitive in the filed the person has expertise, than this is the best way to showcase the abilities and talent to the clients.

This product will hold a great market , as they not only provides job to many unemployed people but also helps the people who wants to be their work done urgently without any delay. In this freelance , TechReturn will also provide secure payment and provides thousands of professional to choose from the TechReturn (Wynn, 2015). In order to analyze the market of Saudi, it has been known that there are big requirement by both sides. For this matter, Techreturn would initially start to open business in Saudi Arabia nation.

The reason this approach will attract huge business in the market , as this is most simplest and easiest way to get the work done online. The features that will attract people:

  • The client is needed to pay only when work is done and once the clients feel 100% satisfaction with the work .
  • The client will receive free bids from all the talented freelancers over the world within few seconds.  
  • TechReturn is always there to help whenever needed. The support for the client is available 24*7.

TechReturn will attract the customers who are interested in joining the platform. They will be required to subscribe with the platform for getting the access to their type of jobs. TechReturn will take orders from their customers and will response accordingly (Arnett, 2017). This are basically the one who are in need with the work done .The main motive of the TechReturn is to attract all type of people by providing people with huge category, so that they can work according to their choice and will earn on the basis of the requirements. It freelancers includes many departments with graphics, development of software and many more.

  • The legal procedure required for starting a business in Saudi Arabia – The legal procedure required by the TechReturn should include the following steps:
  1. TechReturn should have a good knowledge of the region(Gold  & Mustafa, 2013).
  2. TechReturn should be aware of the terms and condition of the state and should have done extensive research before entering the sector.
  3. A better plan might attract the attention of the government and local people.

According to the law, TechReturn must have a domestic partner who will hold similar interest towards the company (Leclercq-Vandelannoitte & Isaac, 2016). Once the TechReturn is registered, they need to show the Ministry of Commerce that, the freelancers holds a massive sum of money to invest.

  • Business size in the marketing position – TechReturn should also focus on the size of the business. They will need the information about the market and needs to create the product as such , so that it becomes feasible for the market.Also, the government will further how to authenticate the people are in the freelance so that there does not arise any case of fraud in the future (Moriset, 2013). It is equally necessary to know about the size of the business, how much capacity and capital it will require for gaining profit with the emerging trend.


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