Terms and Conditions

Assignment Research Writer is a professional company that offers academic writing services to meet the needs of our customers. We have set terms and conditions to guarantee quality writing services to our customers. Our terms and conditions outlines that we should provide you with high quality writing services at the most affodable cost. Our payment rates adopts loyal approach to every client, encouraging gifts, discount policy, offering additional services like formatting , revisions and professional  advice.

Our terms and conditions also outlines circumstances which makes it possible to refund money to dissatisfied customer should the standard of a paper provided by a writers be less appealing. Our customers are entitled to free amendments in any complication that arises with submitted assignments. Our terms and conditions also restrict us from providing services to persons below 13 years.

Academic essays Experts terms and conditions further states that, clients must deposit the whole 100% of the total payable money before we start doing the assignment.

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