The Concept Of Ford And Taylorism And Thomas Friedman On Globalisation

The Concept of Ford and Taylorism in Production

In this video, the concept of Henry Ford what he used in the 1908 what he actually used to create his iconic brand ‘The Ford Motor Company’. This idea states that he used an unique concept to create by cheaply manufacturing cars from different parts. He perform this with the current method of production of cars. With this in place, the efficient works of Fredrick Taylor impressed him. This theory was used on the principal concept that The principal of time management was observed closely to increase the rate of productivity. This was achieved by removing the unnecessary extra effort of the workers. Every time that was spent by the workers was calculated with the overall productivity (Stoller  2015). This method is basically referred as smart work as the concept of hard work is reduced with less effort but more efficiently. This management of the theory of Taylorism was implemented at the production method of the company during the manufacture process. The first step would involve exercise which was to assess the individual parts which were needed to build the automobile in the first place. When is needs milestone production level, Ford used the revolutionary idea, wherein, his labors would be still to assemble a line as the body of the car would move through the workstation of each individual. By pulling the car from one workstation to another, this would allow each worker to do the specific task on the car (Uddin and Hossain 2015). For example if the worker is good at tinting then they would work at the tint, the work who is good at the wheels would work at the wheels. Therefore, every specialist was assigned separate task.

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I do agree with the concept of Ford and Taylorism because it is one of the best concepts which would allow the individual who is good at a particular task to work on that. In the current age, many workers across Australia and in other countries, they uses the same concept. It is not only used in the automobile industry, but this way of approach is used in other industries as well. This method is so effective because of the fact that it brings the best out of the individuals. The application towards the theory of Taylorism is considered in many businesses nowadays because it assigns the perfect people for the perfect role (Witzel and Warner, 2015). When there is a division of work force, the management can set the perfect employee for the perfect role as it would be a cost saving to the company. The principal of division of work is rewarding for the hard working employees also with the introduction of simple means of production techniques that are considered to be the golden rule as well as towards the ventures that have recently started. The best method of application and utilization of these principles in today day and age can be guaranteed towards success. Many companies have applied this method and with that, there has been a significant improve in the production.

The Impact of Thomas Friedman’s Concept of Globalisation on Businesses

In this video, Thomas Friedman speaks about the three ways of globalization. According to him, the time from the year of 1944 till the current day and age, there has been globalization which was measured by the act made by the people of a country.  This can be in related to how Britain globalized India with the East Indian Company and how Spain globalized Portugal. How every the globalization from a company’s method began much later from the year of early 2000s. However, nowadays the individual globalization makes the entire world flat as this kind of globalization works with energy, curiosity  and passionate power of individual (Urick, Adams and Smith, 2017). As the world is more inclined towards globalization for a company’s perspective, there has been a massive corporate sector which has inflicted the world of business. Friedman actually speaks of these large organizations which has creates their sub offices across many countries. These organizations like Microsoft, Nike, Apple, Mercedes and such offer high scale jobs to students and graduates from where they can build their career in that company. Globalization from a company’s perspective has been effective and it continues to grow (Eriksen 2016).  This is the method though which a single company can operate n different countries by using the countries resources. Business’s method of globalization is the only way globalization still exists completely in today’s world. This method is applicable for most of the organization has they have apply this method which in turn creates a flat world where industrialization has been turned into globalization.

I do agree with the concept of Thomas Friedman of a flat world. Not just because of the concept of business globalization but because of what it actually represents. The impact of business globalization is divided into two broad categories one being the market and the other being the production globalization (Eacott 2017). While one of them decline the barrier to sell in foreign countries that would increase the profit and expand the overall market, whereas the  other gains the source of materials and services from foreign countries to get an advantage from different nations. The changes lead to lower prices for the people or the consumers and this also leads to a significant decrease in the cost of production. These kinds of strategies are used mainly for products that are consumed at a very fast rate, for example the fast food industry. By making it easier for the company to beginning the process of selling internationally, this would benefit the organization (Price  2017).  The companies that use globalization to enter new countries to gain control of the market use business models that are very much similar to that of the ones that are deployed in the home market. This would also represent or affect the supply-chain infrastructure of the company. Some companies disaggregate the process of production with each activity in the most beneficial location where the company can get the best customers. Even individual components of a single product can also be created in many locations however the final product is made somewhere else.


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Therefore, from the above discussion it can be concluded that the concept of Ford and Taylorism and Thomas Friedman on Globalisation can be applied in day-to-day examples. Both of the theories have been applied in real life examples and can be derived from the context mentioned above as these are factual based.


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