The Many Beneficial Effects of Adopting a Pet

The Many Beneficial Effects of Adopting a Pet Adopting a pet is advantageous to both the pet owner and the pet. When considering the pros and cons of welcoming a furry friend into the family, many are unaware of the fringe benefits that are gained from having a pet. These benefits are not Just one sided either – both the pet and the owner gain by the association. Besides having an affectionate pal, pet owners experience healthful side effects as a result of their relationship. For adopted animals, the most significant endorsement is much more basic and often overlooked: life.
Still, many people are hesitant to take n the responsibility of a pet for various different reasons. We recently decided to make room in our household for a new resident. Having weathered the death of our 14 year old terrier Hercules, we wanted adopt another pet. Prior to arriving at that decision, we did some research to determine what type of animal would best fit into our home, which includes two cats. Of the many choices available to us, we finally settled on adopting another cat from a shelter. Here are my top compelling reasons to own a cat from a local humane organization.
It comes as no surprise that each year millions of animals enter shelters and a igh percentage are put to sleep due to overpopulation (Salk, 2013). Pet adoptions from non-profit organizations, shelters or humane societies drastically reduce the necessity to euthanize these displaced animals and provide them with safe, loving homes. Adoption also creates an opportunity for new animals to receive help by freeing up space and resources. In addition to adoption, many humane organizations offer vaccinations, micro chips for tracking and spay or neuter services.

There is a common misconception that animals in shelters are there because of behavioral or temperament issues. The reality is that most shelter animals are abandoned for reasons such as divorce, relocation, or financial constraints (Salk, 2013), making their situation all the more heart wrenching. Providing a healthy, loving environment is most certainly a wonderful gift to a homeless animal. And while the advantage to the animal is obvious, owners also receive unsought personal benefits. Pets are faithful friends that offer unconditional love and companionship.
They keep secrets, aren’t Judgmental and simply bloom when shown attention. Cats in particular adore snuggling and appear to be the happiest when in the presence of heir owner. Historically, cats have been characterized as solitary creatures, given to “diva” personality traits and snooty dispositions. While this might accurately describe the temperament of a few, cats are most commonly known for being loving, playful and inquisitive. It’s not unusual for my cat to follow me around the house as I complete chores, watch TV with me or wait patiently outside the door for my re- emergence from the bathroom.
As an only child, many times I found myself with the family cat as my only companion. Though it was sometimes quiet, I never felt alone. When I moved into my first apartment, a cat proved to be the best option for my situation. Cats are the pertect pet tor apartment dwellers due in part to their relatively small size. Unlike dogs, cats are quiet – no raucous barking or whining to annoy the neighbors. They require only small amounts of food for survival and do not need to engage in long sessions of strenuous play for exercise.
This makes them a budget friendly, low maintenance pet option. Additionally, cats are independent creatures that typically sleep the majority of the day, making them self-sufficient and very easy o maintain. Unlike many pets, cats require little input from their owner. For entertainment, simply give a cat a ball of yarn and he or she will be quite content to pass the time rolling around on the floor playing. Other playthings, such as cat nip laced balls or feather toys not only provide amusement but have the added advantage of providing active cats with exercise.
Window sills afford cats the enjoyable opportunity to engage in favorite pastimes such as observing the outside world or soaking up the sun while napping. The low upkeep required for a cat is particularly convenient for hose with busy schedules or limited space. Another time saver is the fact that cats need little training. This is especially helpful when it comes to the potty. While training some animals to use the bathroom can be a time intensive labor of love, cats are quite intelligent and require very little direction.
Show a cat the location of the litter box and essentially you’re done. Cats are very persnickety about their hygiene and environment; therefore, if the litter box is scooped regularly, there are usually no potty accidents to address. Fastidious creatures, cats are incredibly lean animals and spend hours a day grooming themselves. This behavior is intuitive, much like their ability as hunters. Cats are great contributors to the household and earn their keep. Excellent hunters, cats can often be seen relentlessly chasing a fly or mosquito around the house.
Spiders, mice, frogs and other small beasties, all fall prey to playful yet determined cats. Having a cat in residence growing up, we never had to purchase traps or other devices to maintain a vermin free household. While being a hunter is an important aspect of their personalities, cats also provide actual health benefits to heir owners. Studies have shown that pet owners receive quantifiable health benefits directly attributable to their pet. Pets are known to lower blood pressure (Sweat, 2013), reduce stress and even strengthen the immune system (Nazario, 2012).
Cats are intuitive and sense the emotional state of their owners. It’s been my personal experience that when I’m ill, my cat will not leave my side until I’m better. Loyal companions in sickness and in health, cats can be counted on to provide quiet support, sympathy and affection to assist their caretakers in overcoming depression or other melancholy moods (Sweat, 2013). Did you know that having a special buddy around even helps to alleviate loneliness? With so many upsides, who wouldn’t want a pet?
There are countless reasons to own a pet in general and a cat in particular. Cats are the ideal pet for any circumstance, whether living in a house or in the small confines of an apartment. Cats are low maintenance, clean, intelligent and make wonderful friends for all ages. As with any animal, there is no greater expression of love then to offer them a safe haven. To homeless animals, adoption means the difference between life and death. In return, you get a friend for life and improved health. My cats are more than pets – they are my family.

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