The Positive And Negative Influences Of Video Games On People

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Video Games

Video games is a very exciting invention in the electronic media and with the passing time many advancements has been made in it which has made it more entertaining as well as challenging (Bourgonjon, Vandermeersche, Wever, Soetaert and Valcke, 2016). Nowadays playing video games is one of the major part of young people’s  life, it can also be counted as a very important activity in their day to day life. All the graphics and sound effects give the player a real feel while playing it they can even challenge themselves and the most fascinating thing is that the player can maneuver or control everything that is happening in the video game thus making it more exciting and enjoyable (Griffiths, Kuss and Ortiz de Gortari, 2017).

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Playing video games has its own benefit and has a positive influence on people to an extent for instance, playing video games helps improve the decision making skills because whoever is playing the game has to come up with instant decisions and if the decision was wrong in previous game then they will come up with improved decision in the next one and that is how they learn from their mistake and thus coming up with a good decision each time they play the video game and this is how the player come up with quick and creative decisions in a very short time interval (Green and Seitz, 2015).

Another plus point is that the video games improve the ability to solve any problem. In a video game the player is required to reach a final destination from the initial point and during the whole journey the player has to cross so many hurdle, obstacles or any type of conflicts and to overcome all these distractions the player needs to solve the problem in a given time limit and then he or she has to come up with unique solutions to resolve the situation. It is kind of a brain teaser, hence improving the way one solves problem.

Most of the games are two player games or more and when a player spend time playing with another player it helps them to socialize more and therefore improving their social skills. (Granic, Lobel and Engels, 2014). While playing a multiplayer game the former can come across to so many persons and they might be from the same country or another but eventually they are meeting on the same level with the help of video games along with improving social skills, the multiplayer game also provides enriched team work because while playing the multiplayer games, the person has to play in teams and any decision made while playing has to be made as a team and therefore give the chance to work as a team.

Another benefit of playing video game can be increased concentration, while playing the game the player needs to focus on the game and it’s all  aspects that allows the player to play the game without any distraction and channeling all its concentration power on one thing (Boxer, Groves and Docherty, 2015). The other benefit from this perspective can be seen in goal setting abilities. When playing a video game, the player can only complete the game either by reaching the final destination or by winning any battle no matter what the situation is because in the end player wants to accomplish his or her goal with the help of different strategies and techniques and executing them properly to attain the goal.

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Positive Influences of Video Games on People

The player needs to be focused and should have a good hand and eye coordination in such a video game that includes shooting or the games in which enemies are lurking in the corners. The players are required to be attentive and keep track of everything happening,  at the same time and this can be achieved with a great coordination of hand and the eye. This ability helps the person by improving their motor skills and attention skills visually. In such kind of games that needs a strategy, the player has to flexible and multitasking therefore it develops a good flexibility in people because they are required to change their tactics and that too quickly and this requires a lot of mind and with all these kind of games the player or people can learn so many new and different things, also it is so fascinating to see how video games develop the multitasking skills in a person and allow him or her to work on their focusing skills..

Despite of all these positive influences of video games they have so many negative impacts on the people too, mentioned as follow:

Along with improving motor skills, the shooting games also encourage violence and those who play such kind of games are more prone to aggressive behaviors, violent thought and feelings and decrease in socialization can be seen because such kind of violent games leaves a negative impact on people and people become immune to it with a risk of becoming violent and show very less or no empathy (Berger, 2017). Because of such games there arises emotional callousness in people. According to some research it has been concluded that the violent video game has worsened the nature of kids and also get awarded in many games for being violent and on the top of that while playing the game people can control everything that is happening around and also they witness every killing, stabbing, fighting, shooting or kicking each other and all such kind of brutal activities. Since the people are being awarded for participating actively in such game, they are most likely to get affected from it (Quandt et al., 2015).

Other negative influence is addiction. In June of 2018 the world health organization declared the video game addiction as a mental health disorder. Because of high graphics and good sound effects, people easily get attracted to these video games and play continuously it for long time can lead to gaming addiction which can cause depression and severe increase in anxiety level along with disconnecting socially. Addiction of gaming can also cause brain disorders like depression, schizophrenia, Alzheimer disease etcetera (Granic, Lobel and Engels, 2014). It can also cause behavioral disorders along with hyperactivity that causes attention problems. The biggest adverse effect that video games have is one the kids and young generations it effect in their day to day life, for instance affecting their school performances, let it be studies or sports, it can also affect their behavior and can lead to less interaction with the family and aggressive behaviors by playing violent games that can give rise to problems like bullying etcetera teaching them wrong values and the child get confused between the reality and the vitality. Another harmful factor can be bad health because playing lots of video games can affect the child’s health adversely like giving rise to obesity and some brain disorders as discussed earlier. One of the major negative point is cursing while playing game and it can lead to the kids learning up bad language and worst behaviors from others online (Libertus, et al 2017).

Improved Decision-making and Problem-solving Skills

Too much of anything is harmful and in this case spending too much time on video games develops an impulsive behavior in the individuals and in some cases they even start daydreaming and develop anxieties (Rosen, et al 2014). Playing video games for a long time is just wasting time and instead of doing something productive people get stuck to it like an addiction. Instead of going out the kid’s just play video games which result into poor health and health related issue and they do not socialize more with the outside world (Eichenbaum, Bavelier and Green, 2014).  That is real and just keep wandering in the vitality addiction of video games can create distance between the person and his or her family creating interaction problems. They also develop an impulsive behavior which is the main reason behind drifting apart from family and friends in this case and getting themselves isolated from the real world and start living in the virtual world without being able to differentiate between what is reality and what is fantasy.

Although playing video games has its own benefit but if observed carefully the negative impact of video games dominates over its positive influence. All these violent games creating an aggressive behavior in people giving rise to many criminal activities and also zero socializing skills in the person who play video games for a long time and getting addicted to it affects our health adversely and give birth to so many disorders like obesity and brain disorders like Alzheimer disease which is very serious (Robb, Garner, Collins and Nacke, 2017).

All the negativity in such games has a very bad influence over people leaving them with gaming addiction and isolating them from everyone.


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