The Relationship Between Wealth And The Legal System: An Argumentative Discussion

The Impact of Wealth on the Legal System

Crime is a situation created by someone that is against law of specific country. Person making the breach of these laws have to bear punishment of breach. The Judicial system must need to consider to look at the factors of criminal case of person. Wealth doesn’t matter while arresting someone. The only need is to prove him that he is a criminal. Once it has been proved, no one can escape from this. Wealth can save a person from punishment but can’t escape from obligations stand against him. The project is all about argumentative about wealth and it’s relation with country’s legal system. There is also discussion about the movie on the same issue of crime case.

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Wealthy person also need to provide the clear factors regarding the case against him. He needs to provide the clear view that what is the real situation of the case. If a person will be unable to provide evidence in favor of escape, then court team will help him to o so. But after that, if they will be unable to provide the same factor, then next process will be taken by thinking him as criminal. The punishment must be provided on the basis of evidences or nature of crime (Cohen 173-175). He will not ne escaped from case only because of wealth factors. It is duty of court to make a clear decision except any discrimination. The judicial system or legal system of country always prefer to escape the criminal if he is from a wealthy family. They try to make another person responsible for that crime. It is itself a crime. The persons trying to do same must be treated as criminals. They are also liable for punishment for this act.

The most important example of criminal cases decision taken on basis of wealth is the movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”. There is also a Novel written by John Berendt. The book was a most published book of the year and the movie also gained good results. In this movie, the whole discussion is about criminal case. The eccentricities of Savannah focus on the murder. They also focused on trial of Jim William. He is a self made man, antique dealer and homosexual person. John Kelso also known as John Cusack, who is a magazine report, takes the view and finds himself in inner of Savannah. He finds writing odd things on the feature of famous Christmas parties of William.

Discussion of ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil’

William intrigued Kelso from very starting. But Kelso’s curiosity piqued when he looks at the violent lover of William. He named as Billy Hanson. In the movie, after Kelso’s meet to Billy Hanson, Hanson was found dead. Kelso was covered under suspicious eyes for this murder, after that, many persons found to dead like, The Lady Chablis, A comedian that was transsexual, William’s lawyer and another person always flies attached to mini leashes. After that William becomes friend of Savannah. They solve the matter of Hanson’s murder. The judges and the jury members provide William not of guilty. Kelso was happy of this. William thanked to Kelso for helping him. After this, William also dies with heart attack after a week. He dies at the same place where Hanson was murdered. After the funeral of both, all the other participants were seen to join a pectin together including Kelso (Berendt).

The person having money has great powers than another who has less money. Wealth creates contacts to the higher level. There are certain cases in the law which reveals that children of riches influence the legal process of cases. The families with wealth choose to apply with some money & contacts to get off their children. They don’t want the law to profligate to the defrauding society. Children of criminal get escaped from the situation every time. The poor one has to suffer from the specific situation and fight for justice. Wealth plays the vital role in a situation of dealing with criminals on the basis of their wealth status. The riches use money for hire or fire legal counsel (Aquinas 143-145). The decision of wealthy people have great effect at the different situations of the crime. There are many cases in the court where the decisions has been taken only by taking the view of wealth of a person. Many cases are solved only on the basis of parent’s wealth of criminal (Quinney 11-13). The children of big families having great contact and wealth, has been leaved from case due to wealth presented. These factors do not stop crime occurring in country,  even it increases a person’s acts of crime due to easy bail from jail with help of money. For making a safe environment, the court must consider the cases as honestly it can. It must give focus on saving the country from all these issues by providing accurate results of case.

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Judicial Discrimination Based on Wealth

The wealth need not to do anything for the conviction received. But our legal system doesn’t not allow to be independent in decisions. It deals with financial abilities of people. It is expected from the system to deal honestly with people whether their financial status is good or not. The debate on the issue of social and practice of justice has been going from great time (Farmer 4-7). Many of the times, riches deal with the system only for their profit. They don’t think about the people at the small stages having less wealth. The law also protects the riches and proves the poor one as criminal. It shows the worst legal status of country. Wealth has power to control the legal system or justice of cases. The court must deal with people having criminal factor (Nawotka 2-3). It must take factors of reason of crime into account. It must look at point of crime for which a person is on trial for. It must consider that what are the factors of case. It must analyze the points of crime presented before it. The court must not take the factor of wealth or saving in power of person having the issue of crime. A person must taken to court due to the legal issues. He must be judged according to the witnesses and other factors. If someone take decision on the basis of information available to the savings of criminal, then it will be considered as breach of law and its terms. But today’s law system or judicial system focus on only wealth issues (Jaggar 23-28). They focus on the conviction having received for a crime. The main aim of court should be focus on trial of crime.

In court of law, everyone should be treated as equal no matter what is their status regarding wealth or any other issues. The law sometimes discriminates on the basis of wealth and other issues, but there is no power upto law to deal in such kind. If there is crime by a person, the justice must be done honestly. It doesn’t matter that how much is wealth of that person. There are many rights considering about equality. In case of a crime, if there are two persons involved in crime or in suspicious, then both persons must be treated in same way (Locke 10-11). If one is provided with any facilities, second one should also provided with that. Their financial or wealth status can’t be considers at the crime cases.   

The discrimination on the basis of wealth issues is ethically wrong. The justice system may does discrimination on the basis of all the assets and other savings of a person. More the assets, higher of power in side of person having it. It will generate more inequality (Rosen 41-48). The US system is more into inequality. The jails are not filled with criminals, they are filled with poor people havening g less or no money for their bail. Most of people spend their lifetime in these jails due to not having money. They doesn’t care about what is the project, they just focus on having the wealth with that person.

The judicial system must be supportive to the right one. It must take the corrective steps for the proper investigation and take the corrective decision on the basis of the proofs available (Hughes 23-25). The investigation must be done by team appointed by court in criminal cases. But it must not take decision on the basis of wealth issues of person. The persons must be treated as equal without any discrimination.


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