This assessment is designed to develop your research, critical review of evidence and writing…

This assessment is designed to develop your research, critical review of evidence and writingskills to support health advocacy in the domain of Public Health; The assignment will reflecton policy content relevant to the population health issue and critical analysis of evidencebased research to inform your practice.In this assignment you will select a vulnerable population group (people living with mentalillness and Substance use Disorder (SUD) comorbidity, Australian Indigenous peoples, adultswith depression or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & youth (15-24), specifically on theprevalence of comorbidity or co-occurring mental health and AOD disorders or misuse asdiscussed in this topic.The report will investigate social, environmental, interpersonal and economic factors whichare known to influence the development of mental and co-occurring SUD and problems. Thereport will link to current Australian policy approaches to prevention, treatment or supportfor the chosen population group which address the risks or protective factors identified.PUBH2015_Assesmnet 1_Report_T3.DocxBrief Page 2 of 8Being able to articulate complex social health issues impacting on the treatment andmanagement of chronic disease and illness is an important part of your professionaldevelopment and practice in Public Health. Critical analysis of evidence based literaturedevelops key competencies in justifying support for vulnerable population groups inaccessing quality and timely care. This skill is often required in collaborative writing projectssuch as grant applications, research proposals and evaluation.



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