UCSB Against Knowing the Future Paper


Paper Prompt 2

Prompt: Choose exactly one argument/account from the list of options below and

advance an objection to it. Make sure to fully explain the argument/account itself and any necessary background, then advance your objection to it, then consider and address some potential responses to your objection. Follow all of the instructions.

List of options: (Remember: choose one)

(1) Against Knowing the Future (Argument) (p. 60) (2) The Dreaming Argument (p. 66)

(3) The Same Body Account (p. 80)

(4) The Psychological Continuity Account (p. 82) (5) Against Fearing Death (Argument) (p. 98)

• References:

o Cite “(Korman p. X)” (where X = page #) when referencing textbook

o Cite “(lecture slides)” when referencing lecture slides

o No need for a bibliography if you reference only textbook and/or slides o Need a bibliography if you reference anything else (not recommended)

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