UF Lead Day Review, Bill Legislation Essay


1- One page. Simple English but still in academic writing level.
Lead Day Review
In the space provided below please let me know the following: (use more than one
1. Which legislatures/legislative aids did you speak with?
2. Which bill were you supporting?
3. Overall, how was your experience.
you can get the information from Florida channel:

2/8/22 House State Affairs Committee
2/8/22 House Judiciary Committee
2/8/22 House Education & Employment Committee
2/8/22 Senate Committee on Community Affairs
6- 2/8/22 Senate Committee on Banking and Insurance
2/8/22 Senate Committee on Transportation
82/8/22 House Regulatory Reform Subcommittee
2/8/22 House PreK-12 Appropriations Subcommittee
10- 2/8/22 House Government Operations Subcommittee
11- 2/8/22 House Finance & Facilities Subcommittee
2/8/22 Senate Committee on Regulated Industries
You can see all on date 2/8/22 and cover question above.
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