UND Analyses of Income Statement Essay


Excel, PowerPoint and Zoom Assignment
This assignment allows you to use the various skills presented over the past week.  In this exercise, you will prepare mini-income statements for the fictional company XYZ Corp., for 2022 – 2030.  XYZ is a fictional grocery store planning to introduce Ready Meals to increase revenue.
These income statements will consist of the following information: Revenue, Cost of Goods Sold, Gross Margin, Sales, General and Administrative Costs and Net Profit.  These income statements must allow for flexibility, i.e., a change in assumptions so that different scenarios can be run.
XYZ’s Revenue for 2021 was $2.5 million 

For 2022, XYZ’s Revenue is expected to increase 8.9% from 2021’s level.
For 2023 to 2030, XYZ is projecting annual Revenue increases of 7.5% 
XYZ’s Cost of Goods Sold is calculated as a percentage of Revenue and is estimated at 34% of Revenue in 2022
For 2023 to 2030, XYZ’s Cost of Goods Sold is expected to decrease by 3.0% per year
Sales, General and Administrative Expenses are expected to be 60% of Revenue in 2022.
From 2023-2030, Sales, General and Administrative Costs are expected to decrease to 45% of Revenue
You will create a 5-slide PowerPoint Deck that includes the following
Title slide
Identification of major trend being examined

Discussion of assumptions made in preparing the Income Statements

Photos or other graphics to support the text on your slides
A graph showing expected increases in Revenue and Net Profits from 2022-2030
A 3-minute (maximum) Zoom video presentation identifying the opportunity and expected results.
Skills Expected to be demonstrated in this exercise:

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