University of Alberta Economics In India Question


Country Paper
Worth 25% of the course! This is a 1600 word assignment, due on April 8 by the
end of class (1PM). Papers can still be handed in later that day, but will lose up to 25%.
Thus, a paper received later on the 8th gets marked with the rest, then that mark is
multiplied by 0.75. On the 9th, the factor is 0.50, the 10th, 0.25, and zero thereafter.
In addition to the paper copy you hand in during class, I also want a digital copy
mailed to me at
Please provide a bibliography of some sort (ideally, at the back). That will not count
towards the word limit. Treat diagrams as 15 words, as in the first paper. Footnotes
are a pain because the words in them get counted in “word count,” so just leave all
references to the end.
As for the first paper, if you are over the word limit then your mark gets multiplied by
a factor of 1600/word count.
I would like you to pick a particular POOR country and do (Some Of!) the
{Note that 2020 “Atlas” income must be below $5,000 – you can find
that income data from a link in e-class – World Bank GNI per capita}
Provide the basic facts about the country. Location, population, primary crops,
industries, level of income, the distribution of income and perhaps wealth,
climate, and finances (budget deficit/surplus, current account deficit/surplus).
What has happened to PPP-adjusted per-capita income since 2003?
Describe briefly its political history (independence, wars, dominant political
parties, dominant political/economic “elites”? democracy or authoritarian rule,
was there a land reform?).
Describe briefly its economic history (past growth, major positive or negative
periods and events, export successes/failures, outward looking or primarily
closed, share of trade in GDP, currency issues, possibly major projects (e.g.
Aswan Dam in Egypt).
Provide additional details as to the current state of the country, its challenges,
what is being attempted to induce growth, which outside countries are most
involved with it, its debt situation, current government, etc.
If the country has been fairly successful, to what do you attribute that?
Conversely, if it has had little or no growth, what are the reasons for that?
Does the country’s history support Easterly’s general argument that a lack of
incentives has been the major problem in poorer countries?
What actions and policies would you recommend to the government of the
country, and why?
What changes in the behavior of outside governments and multinationals
would be most helpful to the country, and why?
What do you expect will occur in the next decade, and what do you hope will
occur? Again, support your statements.
The above list is just for guidance, it is not all required!. You might not find
everything on it for the country you pick, and conversely you will probably come up with
a few things I didn’t list. My largest concern is that you provide a reasonable
volume of your own advice and opinions (5,6,7, and 8), with support from
logic, data, and historical examples. Students most commonly do a good job on the
basic story but don’t seem to want to give their advice, or analysis in support of that
Do not pick a “rich” country in North America or Western Europe. If you choose a
very successful place like South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc., then you
must go back in time far enough (i.e. 40+ years) to discuss their transition from lower to
medium income. { If Atlas income in 2019 is over $5,000, you need my permission to
cover that country in the present day! }
I do not want you to do your home country, whether it is China or anywhere else!!
Note that you should have at least 15 sources of information. Try to read a wide range
of opinion as to what the country’s problems are and what policies it should pursue.
Not many people have done countries in Africa, probably for lack of good information,
but I think many are possible, especially the larger ones…
NOTE that this paper needs to consist of your own writing – cutting and
“pasting in” sentences and paragraphs is plagiarism and could result in a
zero for the paper, or even course failure. Some people paste in sentences
then change them a bit – this usually results in a strange, unorganized sort
of paper, gets a low mark, and may be found to be plagiarism. Purchased
papers are even worse!
Good Luck!

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