University of Arkansas at Little Rock Externalizing Behaviors in Childhood Essay


Be sure to review the grading rubric for the research project (see Rubrics on the course tab) which outlines the elements that must be included and that will be assessed. For example, the paper must be in APA style and it must report the results that are described in the studies (i.e. statistics, p-values), as well as any effect sizes that the authors provide. The paper should not be written with another student and quotes should not be employed.

Focus #1: What predicts externalizing behaviors in childhood?

The first focus is on predictors of externalizing behaviors in childhood. This could also include research on antisocial behavior, negative affect and problem behaviors. Your research project should summarize the findings that pertain to predictors of externalizing behaviors in childhood.

Article 1
1. Title: Which family factors predict children’s externalizing behaviors following discharge from psychatric inpatient treatment?
2. Authors: Blader, J.C.
3. Journal: Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry
4. Date, pages: 2006, 47, 1133-1142

Article 2

1. Title: Parenting contributors to early emerging problem behaviour in children of mothers in methadone maintenance treatment
2. Authors: Finger, B., Jobin, A., Bernstein, V.J. & Hans, S.
3. Journal: Infant and Child Development
4. Date, pages, 2018, 18 pages

Article 3
1. Title: Warm parenting and effortful control in toddlerhood: Independent and interactive predictors of school-age externalizing behavior.
2. Authors: Rubin, J.D., Shaw, D.S., Neiderhiser, J.M., Natsuaki, M.N., Reiss, D., & Leve, L.D.
3. Journal: The Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology
4. Date, volume, pages: 2016, 44, 1083-1096

Article 4

1. Title: The effect of maternal depression and marital adjustment on young children’s internalizing and externalizing behavior problems
2. Author: Trapolini, T., McMahon, C.A., & Ungerer, J.A.
3. Journal: Child: care, health and development
4. Date, volume, pages: 2007, 33(6), 794-803

Article 5
1. Title: Intrusive parenting and child externalizing behaviors across childhood: The antecedents and consequences of child-driven effects.
2. Author: Yan, N., Ansari, A & Wang, Y.
3. Journal: Journal of Family Psychology
4. Date ,volume, pages: 2019, 33(6), 661-670

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