University of California Davis Long Term Lifestyle Changes Questions


Choose an online news article that pertains to your long-term behavior change goal. A few things to keep in mind when choosing your article:This should be a NEWS article (not just an online web reference discussing your topic). Good sources are Google News, Yahoo News, any online newspaper, CNN online, etc.The news article should be fairly recent – published in the last 2 years.Do some searching to find an article that is as directly related to your health goal as possible. For example – if you are working to reduce your sodium intake in order to have positive effects on your blood pressure, look for an article which discusses recent research on the correlation between sodium and blood pressure. You may not be able to find something quite so specifically related to your goal but get as close as you can.You are welcome to use the News Archives on our class website.1 – Print a copy of your news article. (Include the date and source please. If that part does not print, you may hand-write that information on your article).2 – Summarize the main points of the article in a few sentences (1 paragraph max.)3 – Answer the following questions about that news article (NOTE – this is the most important part of the assignment…we are exploring information literacy!):Is this from a reliable information source? (Things to consider / answer in your paper: Who runs the website? Do the credentials of the organization running the site make the information presented reliable or unreliable? What is the mission or what are the underlying values of this site? How do you know?)Identify a specific claim made in the article (ex: “artificial sweeteners are linked to obesity”). Is there sufficient evidence provided in support of this claim? What IS that evidence? (Data? Citations? etc.)What is your reaction to this article? (Interest? Approval? Dismay? Confusion? Excitement?) Describe and explain your reaction.The above information must be typed and double spaced (1-2 pages max.). Please make sure your name is on your paper and staple your article to the back of your typed assignment. Then, either paper-clip or staple your long-term goal contract (half-page) to this assignment.

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