University of Florida Carl Friedrich Gauss & Its Elimination Method Discussion


As you can see, Algebra is all around us. The discussion this week will allow you to explore a single concept in more depth, or to look into the mathematicians who discovered many of the ideas we are studying. Choose one option from the “Explorations” section at the end of chapter 2 in the “Finite Math” book. Make sure you add new information to the discussion if anyone has already posted a response to the question you choose.Explorations in the news: Mathematics and reportingMany newspapers have a special science section. From any new source, find an article that uses a mathematical concepts from this class and illustrate how the mathematical concept is used. Don’t forget to reference!I will also take questions from writing across the curriculums: 1. Write a report explaining why we use m to represent the slope of a line and explain why we call the X-Y coordinate system the Cartesian coordinate system.2. Find a graph of an equation in the media and explain how it is used and how the graph was obtained.3. Why can the solution to an an inequality in one variable not be a single number?4. Research a mathematician who has an algebra formula named after him/her and explain why the formula is named after that mathematician as well as giving a brief biography of the mathematician.5. Write a report explaining how an equation and the graph of the equation are similar and how they are different. Include the benefits and disadvantages of each.

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