University of Houston Downtown Luis Garavito Serial Killer Research Paper


 one of the following:   ( your cherished)

  1. Compare the differences among literal biological and coeval biological theories of wrong.  Provide examples of specific or groups of specifics gone-by and bestow that are signed by either the gone-by or bestow biological plea. Cite any and all sources.
  2. Identify any serial killer or lump murderer, gone-by or bestow, by inquirying his or her animation starting at their childhood until the end of their immoral demeanor.  Based on your perspective demonstrate the uncertain psychological and sociological theories best represent them. Cite any and all sources.
  3. Human trafficking, drugs, and sex wrongs distress cities athwart this kingdom.  Houston has been signed as a elder hub of these immoral activities.  Your assignment is to inquiry these wrongs in the elder Houston area citing statistical basis and the impression these wrongs has on your brotherhood and what steps should be implemented to bring said wrongs.  Identify immoral organizations providing their truth and activities. Cite any and all sources.