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you must choose one image and based on the image you must find a global issue that fits. You must choose your global issue based on litmus questions, and should answer all questions with yes.

Body of Work
Hosam Katan
Yalla Habibi: Living with War in Aleppo
Kehrer Verlag
While the past seven years will have drifted by more or less uneventfully for
many reading this, for seven years in Syria life has been on hold, altered,
ruptured and interrupted, sometimes permanently, by conflict. ​Hosam Katan
was 17 when the civil war began, a normal teenager who ‘skipped classes to
spend time with my friends…to smoke shisha, play cards or Playstation’. In 2013
he began photographing for the Aleppo Media Center, a citizen run news
organisation which has produced some of defining images of the conflict. The
organisation also represents the blurred media boundaries of a war where few
foreign journalists now venture, and where those reporters left inside the
country are inevitably required to take sides.
Wounded by a government sniper in 2015, Katan is now living in Germany and
this newly-published book from Kehrer Verlag brings together many of the
photographs he took of his home town over this two-year period. His images are
redolent of another era, with barricades, bomb craters and battle devastated
housing calling to mind images of Sarajevo under siege in the 1990s. In one
image rows of neatly stacked plates hang high up on a building, all that remains
of another block destroyed by a barrel bomb. In another, a man appears to doze
peacefully on a park bench, but his head and leg have been violently blown apart
by a bomb.
Side by side with the violence of war other aspects of life continue. School classes
take place underground, children play in the streets, and people even make the
dangerous crossing to Government held Western Aleppo to work, take exams,
and buy goods. This interspersing of the everyday with these moments of horror
makes ​Yalla Habibi​ a powerful book, and one which has a kernel of hope buried
in it that when the conflict ends, some semblance of normal life might return.
As a public we might be increasingly sceptical of the belief that such images to
lead to such change, and events in Syria has proven time and again to be a
terrible demolishing of this ideal. Still, whatever else these images do, they will
for now remind that that while our lives continue, elsewhere millions of lives
much like ours remain indefinitely interrupted. ♦
—​Lewis Bush
Images courtesy of the Kehrer Verlag. © Hosam Katan

Living with war. A general view shows a damaged street with sandbags used as
barriers in the Saif al-Dawla neighborhood of Aleppo, May 13, 2015. The street is
located at the front line with half of the street being under control of the rebels and
the other half being under control of forces loyal to the al-Assad regime.
© Hosam Katan
Living with war. People inspect damage at a site hit by barrel bombs dropped by
forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad in the al-Sukari neighborhood, March 7,
2014. © Hosam Katan
Living with war. People shop for vegetables and fruits displayed in the Bustan
al-Oasr neighborhood, October 14, 2015. © Hosam Katan
Living with war. Members of the Civil Defence carry a burnt body on a stretcher as
people inspect a site hit by a barrel bomb dropped on a bus station by forces loyal to
Bashar al- Assad in the Jisr al-Haj neighborhood, May 12, 2015. © Hosam Katan
Living with war. A member of the Civil Defence and man look for people under the
rubble after a Russian airstrike in the AI-Ansary neighborhood, November 3, 2015.
© Hosam Katan
Living with war. Injured girl leaning on a wall near a site hit by a barrel bomb
dropped by forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad in the al-Sheikh Khodr neighborhood,
September 30, 2014. © Hosam Katan
Living with war. People rescue a boy from a damaged building hit by a barrel
bomb of forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad in the al-Shaar neighborhood, April 6,
2014. © Hosam Katan
Living with war. Abu Mohammad holds his baby daughter Bayan who was saved
from under the rubble after an airstrike by forces loyal to the Assad regime hit his
house in the Masaken Hanano neighborhood, February 14, 2014. © Hosam Katan
Living with war. A boy dives into a crater filled with water in the al-Shaar
neighborhood, July 10, 2014. The crater was caused by a barrel bomb dropped by
forces of Syria‘s President Bashar al-Assad. © Hosam Katan
​ 0
Living with war. A street vendor rests near containers of diesel for sale in the
al-Halk neighborhood, October 23, 2014. © Hosam Katan
​ 1

​ 3








Select one favourite image from the Time collection of the 100 most influential
photographs of our time and read its caption. Use the Global Issues litmus test to
determine if your image “fits” the criteria set out by the IB. Write a paragraph
explaining why your image “fits” the criteria set out by IB. This must be done on Ne
7 &
9 10
Global Issues
three elements
10 11/12/13
1) Is the issue one of wide-scale significance ?
2) Is its impact felt in everyday, local contexts?
3) Is the issue transnational?
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