University of New Haven Engineering Discipline and Processes in Car Manufacturing Paper


Identify the following:
While watching the video, identify the engineering processes being utilized across the Ferrari factory
and later, find their official program name and description) at a regional 4 year university.
Further, identify 2 companies hiring for these positions and respective salaries.
Do this for at least 3 engineering disciplines (ideally, three disciplines that are of interest to you).
[In class] – The melting of the aluminum billet for the engine casts
[At home) – Material Science Engineering (UConn).
Materials engineering is a discipline dealing with production processing, characterization,
selection and design of materials. Typical job functions include designing new materials,
developing new/improved manufacturing processes, a selection of materials, failure analysis,
characterization of structures and measurement of properties.
Job Description
A variety of products – from electronic devices to appliances to prescription drugs to breakfast
cereals – are constructed using hundreds or thousands of distinct elements (which themselves
may be comprised of several different kinds of materials). The materials scientist …
Materials Scientist Tasks
• Analyze existing materials and applications to provide solutions and testing for optimization.
• Write grants and proposals to obtain contracts for production.
Materials Scientist
General Electric Co (GE)
Masco Corporation

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