University of North Texas Lab Lights and Street Scale Discussion


Light Pollution is a pet peeve of mine. I hope you not only enjoyed the videos but learned something too! Your assignment this week is 1) to check out your environment one night this week and find a) 5 examples of light pollution in action. This can be in your own back yard, in the parking lot at work or somewhere around town. Remember the light pollution does not have to come from street lights only. Office buildings that leave inside lights on all night are also contributing to light pollution. Look in your own house. Do you leave your porch light on all night? Do you have electronics that light up your bedroom at night? You can upload a picture of each or just tell us about them. b) Be sure to tell us how, environmentally speaking, each of the light pollution issues you find can be fixed. To make it easier to read please list question 1 in…a,b,c,d and e format! And 2) after looking up the definition of the Bortle Dark-Sky Scale, a) estimate what the Bortle Scale is for your home location. Can you see any stars? How many? And, b) using (Texas Parks and Wildlife-Bortle ratings), what is the closest Texas State Park, Natural Area or Historic site star viewing area to your home with a Bortle Scale rating of 1 or #2? Please include how many miles this State Park, Natural Area or Historic site is from your home

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