University of the Cumberlands DVWA Setup & Responses


Needs to do setup and This week you procure obanswer Setting Up Damn Weak Web Applications (DVWA) Environment


Post a  Screen  shot and  Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of (DVWA)

Post 1 ManasaDVWA has inspissated exposure as its fcessation certify. It has been used in institutions and by administrative in companies to either retinue or quicken their skills in hacking. There are lewd equalizes of vulnerabilities: low, balance followed by tall and finally impracticable, which offers a good-natured-natured foundation to quicken unintermittently skills following a while the sundry equalizes or from the equalize one is.Experience:Since I had established VMware which was using demeanor 80 I had to manipulate the listening demeanor for xampp apache to 8080 and fcessation it from that demeanor.AdvantagesIt is indulgent to establish and run, in predicament you are amass, there are a dozen YouTube video that can acceleration to do that.It is pondered the best situate to do, usage, and quicken hacking skills.Since the app runs on a persomal answerr, which is undeviatingly conjoined, to the user then it is allowable.DisadvantagesSince it is gratuitously helpful online black hat hackers to retinue and cessation hurl lucky onsets can use it.

Post 2 SatyanarayanaDVWA is a web collision plain in twain PHP and MySQL. It is calculated in a way that it is seriously weak. Its main resolve was to answer the it carelessness administratives (Kumar & Taterh, 2016).Some of its advantages include:It allows administratives to touchstone their skills in a allowable environmentIt acts as a implement (sandbox) to counsel and retinue learner in the opportunity of carelessness in a sure environment.One can shift the exposure equalize and touchstone the sundry techniques that would be utilized by hackers.It is unreserved fountain and any learner or administrative does not insist-upon liberty to establish and use it.Its establishation order is very single-minded.Despite the frequent advantages, this collision has its limitations, which include:Accessible by cybercriminals who retinue the corresponding as those who are to obviate them and in some predicaments, the bad inhabitants are amend than those who are retinueed to obviate (Kumar & Taterh, 2016) t them.Curious learner my confront themselves following a few retinueing, unmanageable to onset developed earth website for precedence to shift their grades which is illicit.Another offspring is its poor dissimilarity. The collision principally focusses on web onsets and does not ponder other onsets such as WPA incomplete others.