UOMD Regression Equation Economics Stats Question


It is thought that basketball teams that make too many fouls in a game tend to lose the game even if they otherwise play well. Let x be the number of fouls more than (i.e., over and above) the opposing team. Let y be the percentage of times the team with the larger number of fouls wins the game.x0456y48453326
GIVEN:  ?x = 15, ?y = 152, ?x2 = 77, ?y2 = 6094,  ? xy =  501 Calculate the correlation coefficient, .    (round answer to four decimal places)Find:   =    =           b =  (round answer to three decimal places)
       a =  (round to two decimal places)
State the regression equation:   =  +  xUsing your regression equation predict for the lowest value of x and then for the highest value of x.Prediction for lowest value of x:  Prediction for highest value of x:  Plot those points on your initial graph and connect to indicate best fitting line (use next problem to post your graph with the best fitting line).  
Calculate =  (round answer to four decimal places)
Interpret Coefficient of determination ( )  (use wording on formula sheet provided to correctly state – i.e. in context of the problem – not “x” and “y” – but actual variables).  % of the variation in  can be explained by the variation in  and the least squares line.If a team had x = 3 fouls over and above the opposing team, what does the least-squares equation forecast for y? (Round your answer to two decimal places.)

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