USC Basic Outline and Expanded Outline Presentation


This project requires both a written component and a presentation.  Information about the presentation component will be provided at a later date under a separate announcement.   
Prepare your write up (“executive summary”) through the following paradigm: 
Your boss requested you to research a recent legal issue.  Your boss will take the information you put together and use it when she makes a presentation before the Board of Directors.  You need to ensure you briefly highlight the law and what the legal requirements include or will include if it is something anticipated to take effect.  You must also specifically address how the legal issue impacts the hospitality industry, either in a broad sense or a focused sense, for example, a restaurant or a country club environment.  Be sure to include any Nevada legal considerations, obligations, etc.
We cannot have all students writing and presenting on the same topic, so the topic choice will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis with no more than four students per topic. 
Here are your topic choices for the executive summary  / presentation and remember, you must focus on the employment law elements and not operational elements:

Covid Concerns
Medical Marijuana
Sexual Harassment 
Workplace Violence  

As you choose, remember, these are employment law topics even though they may cross over to non-employment law situations.  Your assignment MUST address the employment law issues.  
Your write up (“executive summary”) topic may NOT be similar to your current event topic, so be sure to choose wisely.  This is mentioned in the current event assignment announcement too.   Here are the three main crossovers:   Medical Marijuana and ADA; Workplace Violence and OSHA; and Covid Concerns and FMLA/ADA/OSHA.  Remember, you can’t sign up for a current event topic and an executive summary topic that are crossovers.  ASK if you need any clarification because once the deadlines pass, I will make the decisions about your topics.   
Your write up is intended to be SHORT and not intended to be a major paper.  You will conduct your “research” the first couple of weeks and the references you submit for the first due date MUST be the same references you use in your final submission.  The first half of the semester goes by fast so these deadlines are already established and identified in the assignment grid–I typically do not remind you when things are due, so please put them in your calendar.  Refer to the assignment grid to verify deadlines.  
Like all assignments, your write up must be typed, double-spaced, and no smaller than 12-pitch font.  No page minimum nor maximum, just remember, it’s intended to be BRIEF as long as it is not just a paragraph.  Since it’s a double-spaced paper, you will probably have at least three full pages.  You are welcome to have more, I just want everyone to know the expectation of it not being a lengthy research paper.   This is why I refer to it as an “executive summary” and not a “research paper.”  Just remember, executive summary does not mean a paragraph or 1 page. 
You should consider it a document submitted to your boss to highlight the law.  I do NOT want to limit you if you get on a roll and I do not want to force you to reach a certain page count if you accomplish your goals in a shorter time.  Be proud of what you submit regardless of how many pages you write!  
Be sure to include a resources used (“bibliography”) page with your final submission and use proper citations in your paper.  I must be able to refer to your citations/references and find anything you use in your write up.    You should submit your references using APA format.
Finally, your written component will be submitted through Turn It In. 
1.  You should consider writing your introduction AFTER your entire outline is finished.  Seems weird to write an introduction AFTER you complete your outline, since it’s the introduction.  Keep in mind, your introduction introduces your body of work, so it makes sense to write it after you complete your work to ensure your introduction properly introduces your material.  When we write an intro first, it may result in artificially forcing the body of work into the introduction–remember, you are in control of what you write.  If you write your intro first, you tend to follow that path instead of writing your paper/outline first, and then writing your introduction around your actual paper/outline.  The introduction introduces your body of work, so by writing it after you complete your work, you now know with clarity what you need to introduce in your introduction.  
2.  Equally important is your conclusion.  Your conclusion wraps up your work.  Please be mindful about what you include in your conclusion.  You should wrap up what you discussed in the main body of work and NEVER include something new.  If you include something new in your conclusion and you really need to have that subject matter included, you need to put something about it within the body of work.  You never introduce a new concept in your conclusion.

The Purdue OWL: Sample Outlines
Alphanumeric Outline
A. Visit and evaluate college campuses
B. Visit and evaluate college websites
1. Look for interesting classes
2. Note important statistics
A. Write personal statement
1. Choose interesting topic
a. Describe an influential person in your life
(1) Favorite high school teacher
(2) Grandparent
b. Describe a challenging life event
2. Include important personal details
a. Volunteer work
b. Participation in varsity sports
B. Revise personal statement
A. List relevant coursework
B. List work experience
C. List volunteer experience
1. Tutor at foreign language summer camp
2. Counselor for suicide prevention hotline

Full Sentence Outline
I. Man-made pollution is the primary cause of global warming.
A. Greenhouse gas emissions are widely identified by the scientific community to be
1. The burning of coal and fossil fuels are the primary releasers of hazardous
greenhouse gases.
Full sentence outlines are often accompanied with an APA reference list on a separate
page. Quotes within the outline must also utilize APA in-text citations.
Decimal Outline
1.0 Choose Desired College
1.1 Visit and evaluate college campuses
1.2 Visit and evaluate college websites
1.2.1 Look for interesting classes
1.2.2 Note important statistics

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