UTS The Coca Cola Company SWOT Analysis


Market planning, the company is co-cola finish 2.5 SWOT analysis–>threats part: Pandemic, how competitor handle pandemic

su w give TUITEN W me sources at your mommation at arawi hom. Tu som CVIUCNC TKU
promotional materials by your company and competitors to the Appendix if necessary.
The marketing plan should be divided into the following sections:
1. Introduction (company background and your scope of the study)
2. Situation Analysis
2.1. Company review (review of your current strategies)
2.2. Consumer review (describe their characteristic, needs and wants underlying their purcha
decision process, buying behavior)
2.3. Competitor analysis (compare with 2-3 direct competitors, and highlight industry trend)
2.4. Environment review (PEST analysis, should NOT be equally mentioned)
2.5. SWOT analysis
3. Recommendations
3.1. Marketing objectives (use SMART objectives)
3.2. Target market and positioning strategies
3.3. Marketing mix strategies (i.e. 4P’s)
3.4. Marketing calendar (i.e. schedule of programs from Jan-Jun 2021)
Here are the grading criteria for the marketing plan:
1. Is the plan of high quality and clearly justified?

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