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Make a response to a classmate’s post.
Classmate’s Post
Florida Lawsuits Allege Price Gouging
               This news article explained how Charile Crist filed a lawsuit against two hotels in Florida for price gouging rooms to hurricane Charley families. Florida’s statutes states that the cost of necessities in the aftermath of a major storm should remain the same average price of the previous 30 days.  So, for this article I would use graph A because it shows the demand for goods increase and shows that people are more willing to pay for things at any cost to take care of thier needs. My thoughts on price gouging are that businesses should also be shut down or closed and their license should be taken away. Just making them pay a fine is getting off way to easy for them.
They Clapped
                This article explained how a couple  of guys came together and rented a truck and bought up alot of ice from a town that was prepared for families to stock up on ice for the hurricane that was coming. Since the town did not see that rush of people these guys took it to the town that was affected and up charged it to 8 dollars a bag.The name of the article came from the families that started clapping when the guys got arrested for price gouging them. The graph for this article I would also use A, it shows the demand for the goods and that the people are willing to pay for it too. My thoughts on this article is that soon as the store noticed the guys buying all that ice, they should have reported it to the local police to stop them in there tracks, before they had a chance to reach the town that needed it. Also, the should have been made to watch the police give every single bag away free to the families.
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