Web Design II TED Talk by Senior Designer at Spotify Rochelle King Essay


Students will take 15 minutes before the due date and watche the video in the link to a TED Talk by Senior Designor at Spotify (in 2014) Rochelle King, discussing the relationship of data and UI/UX design for Spotify. Please watch the video and create a breif write up of something you found interesting about the talk, 2-3 sentences,Video Link:The complex relationship between data and design in UXEngineering a website is equal parts vision and adaptation … responding both to how users navigate the site and what new goals of the organization have emerged. Rochelle King, the senior designer at Spotify, was recently challenged to combine the many mismatched interfaces of Spotify into a single harmonious layout. She walks us through the process of redesigning a major website, revealing best practices for navigating the relationship between designers, data and the people for whom it is built.

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