WK 2 Fatalism in The Story of Osmo Discussion


Respond to one of these prompts and be clear about which one you are referring to:PROMPT #1: FUTURE TIME TRAVEL. Even if backward time travel were possible, you could not change the past. But how about forward time travel? Could you change the future if you traveled into the future? If future time travel were possible, would you do it? Explain your answers.PROMPT #2: FATALISM. Suppose you were Osmo and you found the book describing your past and future life in a local library. Would you adopt a fatalistic attitude and why?

David Sar
Oct 9, 2021 at 10:36 AM
Prompt 2:
If I were in the situation as Osmo I would first,
try everything in my power to see if I can
change my story. Also, if I knew when I was
going to die like Osmo I would engage in
dangerous, risky behavior, but most likely
that would be in the book too. After
numerous failed attempts to change my
chapters, I would then adopt a fatalistic
attitude and just go with the flow. At that
point I would become broken and no longer
see a point in trying to change the inevitable.
Melissa Li Mei kang
Oct 10, 2021 at 1:40 AM
I too would attempt to change my story
before taking on a fatalistic attitude. I
would try new things, go on different
adventures, and avoid doing activities
mentioned in the storybook, and then,
would check if the book had rewritten
itself to fit my new actions. If the book
did change, and my situation was
similar to Osmo’s, I would renew my life
insurance and not fly in the
year/chapter my book ends. However, I
think, that we do have mortain amount

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