Zika Virus: Causes, Symptoms, And Prevention Measures


Both the communicable and non-communicable diseases have been increasing daily with worrying statistics and the scientist is in wonderful amazement as they behold the overmaster nature the maladies are springing up each and every time to affect humanity. More too that even the existing ones, they have been so many strains even to control hem has become a great headache. There are several highly infectious diseases that are the talk of the day, they in a great manner affect many people within a short period of time. An infectious disease can be rightly defined as a condition that is caused by living organisms that can be easily communicated from one person to another in a rapid state and manner (Marens, 2016). These conditions have proved to be very ruinous in the past decades of the world to the people who live in this world. Some of the communicable diseases have had a sweeping impact on the population of the world. Especially when the concerned parties do not have power and influence over the condition it becomes very disastrous to the living. This manner of complications is triggered by some environments where these microorganisms are suited to adapt to and cause the condition that affects people. Once they invade the human body they may cause some reactive effects which from time to time change to worse condition (Rol, 2015). Through several ways can the bacteria or fungi or virus itself be transferred from one person to another through various means? Through the environmental factors such as the air we breathe, through body contacts, and other avenues the complications swiftly runs.

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There are a few clinical issues that are accompanied by these infectious diseases which are frequently , the impact on the skin the rashes , running noses and fever that often accompany the suffering class (Cao-Lormeau, 2015). From the history of the 2018 commonwealth games around April, one of the infectious virus which affected so many stakeholders while on this errand that was noble. As an expert I health issues the author of this paper would wish to unravel all the possible information that is needed concerning this virus ,  where it comes from , the nature of spreading from one person to another , the signs and symptoms that can help one understand the disease and how it can be handled (Kinya, 1972). Of greatest importance is the way it can be prevented if one is not affected. The mechanisms to curb its initiation is the greatest theme of the writer.

Signs and Symptoms

It is believed Zika Virus initially it had supremacy in some parts of Africa before it spread to other parts of the world (Cao-Larmeau, 2014). The speed at which it is spreading cannot be underestimated by any person. Conquering weaklings on its way is the order of the day and this leaves many terrified at what is impending soon to be unleashed (Lanciotti, 2009). Generally, it is spread through the mosquito species called Aedes which infected by the virus becomes a carrier to the bitten person, from where the person is attacked by the virus and it starts working on the system of the affected individual in particular (Hayes, 2009). Down through the years, it is also believed that women who are expectant have a high affinity of spreading it to their babies while in the womb so that when they are born they have some defects in their bodies. This is a serious drawback that has denied the many families joy at the reception of a new baby. There has not been the establishment of the vaccination to deal with the prevention which should be introduced as soon as possible. There should be various other mechanisms that should be brought forth to help finish the problem. In the following section, the author will labour to show the genesis of the virus, effect and how it can be prevented.


From the knowledge point of view, mosquitos play a very fundamental role in the transaction of the virus from one person to another. It is studied and noted that it is people who are the sources of the virus and the mosquito just becomes a medium to transfer it from one part to another (Zisou, 2013). When the mosquito bites one that has the virus, the insect also bites another who never possessed it, the virus is transmitted in that way. Also through sexual contact with the infected people would spread the virus. And finally, the mother can transfer it to the baby (Renquist, 2016).

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The signs and symptoms

There are a few clinical manifestations of the condition that show that one has been exposed to this virus. The regular pains in some distinguished parts of the body including the head, joints, fevers and diarrhoea among others (Filipis, 2016). These are medically proved though they may insanity other conditions

Prevention measures

The very first caution should be the way of avoiding an interaction with mosquitos in the name of biting you. All those conditions that may favour the same should be disturbed so that the mosquito should not thrive anywhere (Pesik, 2016). The natural repellent like garlic and ginger can be used to keep mosquito off.

Prevention Measures

There should also be vaccines that can be used to help those who may be vulnerable from getting infected though they may suffer a bite. These will boost the immunity levels and act as the power behind the prevention.

There should be proper sensitization of the people changing locations to be aware of the Zika Virus status of the place they are going to avoid the attack on their errands. Finally, there should be proper coordination that takes place between the doctors and the pregnant women so that the children to be born while in the womb are not affected by the virus (Calllaghan, 2016).

The author has discussed much the disease, the cause, impacts and the manner of prevention, there is much that has not been spoken of concerning this new breed of the virus as well as infectious disease. It is so strange with a high level of killing people hence, people need to open eyes and heft to the reality of the issue which is a must. Below are just a few recommendations that can be fronted to the authorities and the concerned parties as well as the researchers for future exploration.

Very little has been known about this condition, there is an innumerable company of people who could be going through the trauma of this disease but ignorant. This is a matter of serious concern, there should be established forums and well-prepared initiatives to sensitize members of the society about the issue.

There has not been a deep and extensive research that has been conducted to really get the weight of this virus. Because of the scanty discovery fabling and ignorance reign supreme both to the medical professionals and many researchers, hence future research should focus on how they can intensely explore this mine and come up with substantial information that can be used as a precedent for better treatment strategies (Gulland, 2015).

The medical researchers should ensure that the remedies that could be well married with the infection are availed. Through the initiative of the conventional and natural remedies, this challenge of the time can be handled and minimize the mortality percentage.

Finally, the governments of the day little know about the malignity of this species. The alarming degree of devouring that it has on the member of the public. If they had little knowledge about it, they would easily declare war on it publicly and through circulars and as well establish the point of safety. This includes the hospitals with the required equipment to manage those cases that could be found and meeting the very demand at hand.  The educational policies to help the citizens keep a safe distance from any possible way of contracting the disease.

Recommendations for Future Exploration

If some of these recommendations can be adopted for the welfare of the society, together in solidarity, the condition can be shaken off the shoulders of many and make the environment sensitive to any trace of such a condition, never again not to rise and cause fear.


In conclusion, this infectious disease has been noted to be one of the most powerful and lethal infection that has been spreading me the world in a very epidemic way. Each and every place at least has been experiencing the issue and the world health organization has categorized it as one of the major troubling incidences when it comes to the health of the people. There are several ways from the discussion that have been known to be the main causes that spread it. The Aedes mosquito has been known as the notorious contributor to this unfortunate condition whenever one receives a bite from it. Another issue that is known to spread the virus is the sexual intercourse between one infected people, it easily moves from one affected to the other through the body fluids they exchange.  It has given the researchers a great headache in the present world on how they can manage the insect. There must be very stringent measures that must be taken into account to ensure that not as much people as possible are protected from the serious consequences it has. When people travel to the Zika virus prone region and their immunity sometimes is not well balanced they tend to be exposed to the untimely burden of the disease. The environment has been so corrupted by the rotting substances together with the other external and uncontrolled aspects to a very devastating extent such that this world almost may not be a safe place for human existence. It has become a small labour house full of invalids and patients. The burden of the disease has been extremely great for the people of this generation to bear.

Especially the travels from other places when they converge especially those who converged for commonwealth games severed as victims of the situation. Also, those who are expectant are also likely to contract it. Hence it is should also receive an international concern by the authorities in charge of the heath in the world to come up with amicable solutions especially in the areas that have been known to be prevalent with this problem and avert the demise of many who might have lost their lives in there. There should be the proper education of the members of the public on how they can be able to prevent the virus in their lives, by knowing their physical status and keeping themselves in a state that would encourage good health. They should also be taught how to treat those who may be affected in one way or another in their lives and help others. Through the establishment of the centres with the necessary facilities to deal with the problem if it is diagnosed and offer a real-time solution because of the fatality of the virus once it finds an opportunity in the body, this should a matter of grave concern. Through the author is sure that at least to some extent the issue can be attacked.


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